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How I Became a Copywriter

How I Became a Copywriter

You probably landed on this page after seeing my post on Instagram, which means you’re here to watch my interview on the Build Your Copywriting Business podcast. First of all, thanks for tapping the link and showing interest in the life of little ol’ me,...
I Got Fired

I Got Fired

I got fired today! I’m writing this down as I process what just happened. I have to give you the whole story so you can get an understanding of how and why this happened. Since starting this blog my goal has been to tell the story of a mom who wanted to work from home...

I Got Laid Off!

I got laid off February 5, 2018. I know it sounds sad, but my situation is a bit different than you may think… Here’s The Story I’ve worked for the same financial services company for the last 12 years. I started with this company in 2006, I was 25...