Getting Rid of Self Doubt: Journey of a Blogger

After 3 months of having a blog, the most important thing I’ve learned is Work What You Got! By that I mean, use your God given talents and unique resources to go out and conquer the world!

In order to start this blog, I had to learn to believe in myself and give credit for just how dope I am. Here are a few things that have brought me thus far:

Be Yourself

When I first started blogging I couldn’t decide what the blog should be about. I’m a mom so of course I wanted to blog about my kids, but every mom blog I visited for inspiration belonged to moms with babies and toddlers. I never ran across any from a mom with older kids like me (14 & 8). That’s when I realized that everyone has a unique story and I may not find another blog like mine. We can use others for ideas and inspiration, but at the end of the day it should be you.

I love the fashion blogger photos on Instagram, the outfits are so well put together and the photography is amazing! I wondered if I could do fashion on my blog….

I told myself I couldn’t be a fashion blogger because I’m not “fashionable”. Not only was I being negative and shitting on myself, I was stopping my progress. I had to stop that negative way of thinking and remind myself of how loosing weight  made me more confident in my body and willing to show off my curves.

We all have something unique to offer the world so figure out what that is and Work What You Got!

Just Go For It

After I stopped doubting myself, I decided to order some things from Fashion Nova and take some pictures. Here’s the outcome. I cannot expect my blog to look like other blogs, because it’s MY blog and meant to showcase my personality.


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