Happy Birthday to My Blog!

On February 5, 2018

I stepped all the way out of my comfort zone and launched my very own blog I remember how nervous I was after making the announcement on Facebook. I have always been very critical of myself and felt others saw me the way I saw myself. I wondered what people would think of my blog, I wondered if anyone would take the time to read it and be interested in what I had to say.

I had a ton of thoughts and ideas, but I wasn’t sure how things would turn out. My first year blogging allowed me to learn a lot about myself. One thing I realized is that I over think things too much! I can admit that I have slowed down my own progress because I doubt myself and I always want things to be right. I had to learn nothing is going to be perfect during this journey so I have to take advantage of what I have and make it work. That’s how I decided on the tagline for my blog.

Choosing the date to launch my blog was easy because it was the day I was laid off¬†from my job. Starting my blog was very emotional for me. I grew up with low self esteem. I was trained to believe I wasn’t good enough (for anything) because I was fat. My weight ran my life for a long time. It wasn’t until (recently) I started to feel better about myself after having weight loss surgery¬†,growing into a women and learning to love myself.

Now that I’m in the later part of my 30s, I see things differently. I am able to see how magical I am (did ya’ll know I’m a unicorn?)

Check out my Unicorn Stance

I’m no longer afraid to speak up, be myself and push harder to accomplish my goals.

This blog is the result of me believing in myself, finding my passion and going for it. I can truly celebrate the 1st Birthday of my blog, she means the world to me because she is me!


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