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Purple Kisses by Cher V is a full-service lash, skin, and body studio that now sells eyelash extensions, cosmetics, and other beauty essentials.


The client recently built a brand new website to display and sell their new retail products, and allow salon customers to book appointments.

I was tasked to write copy for the home page. Since the client’s customers are women who wear eyelash extensions, Cher V wanted to let them know they can find quality lash extensions while shopping with them.


I chose the text used in the main header section to get the visitors’ attention while tempting them to want to hear more about why their lashes matter.

Women who wear false eyelash extensions are in a club of their own and I believe the headline I used conveys a sense of acceptance and understanding.

Thus giving the reader peace of mind knowing they’ve landed on the right website. Followed by a call to action of shop now.

I was also responsible for writing the bottom section where I highlighted one of the benefits of wearing high-quality lash extensions sold by the client. 

Followed by a call to action of shop now.


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