I’m a girl who grew up believing she didn’t fit the standard of what “looks good.” Growing up fat caused me to believe I wasn’t enough.

I decided to start a fashion blog because, years of being a fat girl caused me to feel inadequate and worry too much about what other people thought of me. Now that I’m in a better place with my self esteem, I can look at myself in the mirror and admit I look good. My blog is for all the women and girls who struggle with self image and body acceptance.


When I first started blogging, I told myself I couldn’t be a fashion blogger because I didn’t believe my clothes were considered “fashionable”.  I didn’t realize that fashion is what you make it. There is no rule that says you are not fashionable if your clothes haven’t been seen at New York Fashion Week.

I am very cost conscious and love getting a good deal, so the outfits I showcase will not be hard your pockets. I believe in Looking Good for Less.

As long as you make an effort when getting dressed and put a little thought in what you wear, then you are in fashion. -Chaundell KarryClick To Tweet

Although I’ve been big all my life, I have never felt comfortable with the label Plus Size. Now that I see how well my plus size sisters are killing it on Instagram, I feel more confident and un-afraid to show off my curves.

Being Plus Size is not a bad thing so Work What You Got!Click To Tweet